Monday, 23 June 2014

50s and 60s dolls and bears for sale

 Pedigree Delight Scottish pair with Starfish hands beautiful little dolls,
really vintage features, all original clothing  £10 each ono

Very early original Ginny outfit, probably for composition 'Toodles'
oilcloth shoes, silk flower for hair and on dress. £15 ono

 Clemens 'Zotty Bear' German with original tag and ribbon, minty condition Was £30 ono

 1970's Swiss bear from Bern £12 ono

 1970's Ann Wilkinson bear, very cute with suede paws £6 ono 

 American 'Muffy Vanderbear' in her Easter suit complete with basket of eggs £18 ono

Oddity dolls for sale

 American Rag Doll, beautiful and unique Was £20 now £10

1970's Avon Smallworld bottles, not many of these left now so please ask £3 each ono

Antique Dolls for sale

 Simon and Halbig K*R size no. 55, 20" Child. Perfect bisque and all original
right down to her shoes, her outfit includes a tiny pair of ivory opera glasses,
long silk gloves, lace and silk hat and flapper style human hair wig.
She also has a  fur stole not shown, £400 ono.
(her silk dress is very fragile now so display condition only)

 Kestner Pouty number 14 circa 1900. This beautiful and rare doll is sadly damaged. Her head was broken but it has been professionally restored to the inside only, not repainted thank goodness. It's a fine repair and she makes an excellent cabinet doll. She has her plaster pate, original wig and has sleeping eyes. All her clothes are antique, including a little cameo. Her boots are reproductions. She has the rare, straight wrists of a French body.
£350 ono

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dabby Dimples Dolls for sale

Dabby Dimples dolls are handmade by me with techniques used in Waldorf doll making. They are stuffed with carded lambswool and the materials used are natural cottons and silks. They come in a variety of hand-dyed pastel colours and have minimal features to encourage inventive play. They all have a great desire to snooze!
Dabby Dimples dolls, 11" high £15 each
 Dabby Dimples detail
 Dabby Dimples Topsy Turvy dolls
 Topsy Turvy dolls the other way
 Dabby Dimples Topsy Turvies £20 each
 Teany Dimples in china teacups £15 or £10 on their own