Monday, 15 July 2013

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The following accessories are sold but I've kept the 
photos on as they took so long to set up, 
hope you enjoy them!



Dabby Dimples decided to join us on our big adventure, a motorcycle journey to and from 
Abruzzo in Italy.  We set off to join our ferry ship in Newcastle, me on my Vespa 250 GTV, 
my husband on his big boyʼs bike and Dabby Dimples as my pillion. 

She first decided to inspect the cabin and soon found a suitable place to catch forty winks. 

As we got ready to sail Dabby caught another 40 winks on deck.

Although the food was bountiful and delicious she felt a quick snooze 
was more to her liking. 

We arrived the next morning and set off across Holland and into Germany. Luckily Dabby 
slept for most of the journey on the autobahns. We set up camp in a small wood but Dabby 
was too exhausted to even light her campfire.

She roused herself just enough to crawl into her sleeping bag, 
"Schlafen Sie gut Dabby Dimples" 

The weather took a turn for the worst the next day and began to pelt it down!  After 
following the ʻRomantic Strasseʼ in Germany stoically we decided to ʻsplash outʼ on a hotel 
for the night and Dabby crashed on the feather pillow after tucking into her 
complimentary Hariboʼs. 

The next day we awoke to sunshine so got back onto the Romantic Strasse and headed to 
Dinkles Buhl (it had to be done!) Dabby caught a nap on the main street 

and again by the river. “A most precarious spot to sleep there Dabs!”

After crossing the Alps and mastering the numerous hairpin bends the stress of it was too 
much for Dabby,

she fell asleep on the bike and had to be carried to bed.

We stopped at some lovely towns in the Italian Alps and Dabby caught up on some much 
needed rest.

She found the cool marble of the fountains to her liking.

We travelled out of the Alps along the coast of Lake Garda and stopped for lunch and a 

Dabby didnʼt feel her siesta was long enough so caught up on more sleep at Lake 

The final leg of our journey to Castel Di Ieri in Abruzzo took us past Pisa,
Florence and Rome 

and when we finally reached our little house Dabby found a most convenient place 
to snooze away her fortnight. 
 “Buona notte Dabby Dimples”.

On the way home we stopped at Florence for two nights, both Dabbies enjoyed the 
comfort of the luxurious bed.

In the grounds of Santa Croche church Dabby Dimples decided to enjoy the sunshine,

but after getting too hot preferred the cool marble of the crypt.

She caught a few winks along the banks of the Arno,

on the approach to the Ponte Vecchio

and even at our favourite watering hole.

“Now Dabby you are missing the beauty of Santa Maria Novella 

and the Duomo!”

A long, meandering ride along the Italian Riviera took it out of the poor little mite.

"Don't forget the sunscreen Dabby Dimples."

We camped for the night amongst the mountains and glacial lakes of Southern France. 
“Bon Nuit Dabby Dimples”

We took a slow ride down from the mountains the next morning. 
Dabby found the clean air most refreshing.

With weary limbs she managed to crawl her way back to her favoured pillion position,

and hunkered down for the ride along the Route Napoleon.

The sight of the enormous Napoleon on horseback was a bit too much for young Dabby Dimples. For the next two days Dabby crawled into the cosy glove compartment of my Vespa as we drove through the worst rain either of us have ever experienced whilst riding. We got 
drenched but Dabby stayed dry and toasty in a nest of ʻbuffsʼ. 

The weather cleared for us again in Belgium and by the time we reached Delft we were 
met with sunshine once more. Dabby Dimples earned a much needed rest.

And another,

and one more before we hit the road.

So once again we are in our ferry cabin and this time Dabby chooses a more comfortable 
bed. Too tired to eat one of her ʻfive a dayʼ she is soon in the Land of Nod.  Well done 
Dabby Dimples, a mammoth journey for such a little soul. 

“Good night Dabby Dimples”