Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dabby Dimples Dolls for sale

Dabby Dimples dolls are handmade by me with techniques used in Waldorf doll making. They are stuffed with carded lambswool and the materials used are natural cottons and silks. They come in a variety of hand-dyed pastel colours and have minimal features to encourage inventive play. They all have a great desire to snooze!
Dabby Dimples dolls, 11" high £15 each
 Dabby Dimples detail
 Dabby Dimples Topsy Turvy dolls
 Topsy Turvy dolls the other way
 Dabby Dimples Topsy Turvies £20 each
 Teany Dimples in china teacups £15 or £10 on their own


  1. These are wonderful, I love Waldorf inspired dolls.

  2. Ooh, I've just put them on! Thanks so much for looking and for your kind comments. I have to say I love making these dolls and I have little groups of them snoozing all over